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Second Chance Checking Bank Account - Find A Non-ChexSystems Bank Today

Second chance checking banks will provide access to full range of banking services, despite a ChexSystems record or other issues.

Access to a second chance checking bank account through a non-ChexSystems bank or credit union is important people with a bad credit history or who have been a higher risk profile. This is because they may be turned down for a regular checking account and this is a good way around it. Let's look at why banks sometimes turn applicants down for a new bank account, and how a 2nd chance is always available.

Basically, an organization known as ChexSystems keeps a list of names of people who have a less than perfect record in pas account activities. Your name can have floated into the list because of a previously unpaid bank overdraft or writing an unresolved bounced check. What this essentially results in is banks could turn you down if you try to start a new account with another Chex Systems member bank. Luckily, second chance banking is not limited to only non-Chex Systems banks.

Some banks are non-ChexSystems bank members, while others are member banks but they are able to offer second chance checking bank accounts to applicants who fail to meet their regular criteria. Basically, these banks or credit unions allow people with a less than stellar financial record or bad credit history to open an account with them.

These are second chance checking accounts and work like regular accounts for the most part. They have check writing privileges, online bill pay, ATM access and more. There might monthly fees and less bonus rewards associated with these accounts but they are come with top checking account features and will serve their main purpose.

For more information in setting up a second chance checking bank account, look into various banking websites online. Don't submit an application without doing some comparison shopping. Take a step back and draw up shortlist of internet websites that offer 2nd chance checking account services. Compare the fees and features, and verify that they are legitimate FDIC insured banks, credit unions or financial institutions.

A second chance checking bank account is just a beginning. Within 6 to 12 months, the bank or credit union may offer you an upgrade to a regular checking bank account. The actual demonstration that you are a worthwhile customer might just be the best route to short-cut the effects of a stifling ChexSystems record.

As an alternative to a conventional checking account, consider a prepaid Visa card account with no ChexSystems requirements. It works just like a checking account, allowing for direct deposit of paychecks and online billpay (one-time or recurring payments). You can deposit cash into the account from 135,000 retail locations nationwide. In addition, the card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Click to learn more: The Perfect Alternative to a Checking Account!


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